Capture and Edit easily.

Unicapture and UniEditor are supplied free of charge with every Unionovo scanner.


UniCapture is the licensed capture software supplied with all of our book scanners. Feature-full but with an emphasis on being intuitive to use, UniCapture can be used by people with varying abilities and produces fantastic digital images with ease.

Some of the features include:-

  • True Colour Profiling
  • In-Software camera control, including live view
  • Easy insert, replace and delete at anytime
  • Workflow job process
  • Single or double capture
  • Metadata and XML file creation
  • Instant rotate, crop, resize and DPI adjustment
  • Save direct OCR (optical character recognition)

Ture ICC Profiling

icc-profiles-iconUniCapture allows you to create specific ICC profiles to ensure the correct colour is used in your digital images. This is important because every camera or scanner has its own systems to create colour naturally which is not always correct. UniCapture allows you to easily create an ICC profile which can then be used to ensure optimum colour recreation.

Using X-Rite generated profiles ensures the highest possible colour accuracy. X-Rite is the global leader in colour space science and technology.

cr2RAW Compatible

UniCapture is now RAW (.CR2) file compatible so you can capture the uncompressed, unprocessed pixel data direct from the camera’s image sensor.

Time Lapse

jpegTurning on the time lapse will allow the software to capture automatically with a time delay of your choice. This means you can utilise all of the features packed into UniCapture whilst digitising up to 950 pages per hour!

Instant Crop

cropUniCapture allows for crop as you capture. Using the softwares live view you can see what is going to be captured and simply draw a box around the area you wish to crop. This can be a picture or a page, its flexible to use. Once drawn the software remembers what you have cropped and can reproduce it, which is ideal for high speed book scanning.

Project Set-up and Metadata

book-propertiesAt the start of every project you are presented with this window which allows you to add relative metadata and adjust relative image processing such as colour correction, rotation and dpi. You can capture information such as;

  • Book Name
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Date Published
  • Translator

You can also add your own comments.
Also if you have a barcode scanner this information can be taken using your own database.